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  1. Butterflies and Birds

    Last Friday, after I’d made the crucial error of going for a walk on the hottest day ever, I decided to sit in the garden under the parasol when I got back, to try and cool down. As I was sitting and reading, a robin came to say hello. We’ve had robins in the garden for years, they regularly pop out to say hello, and though I hate birds, I am quite fond of our family of robins. The one that came…

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  2. 22 | I wore this! | Always wearing my glasses. Always wanting more glasses. 
#fmsphotoaday #glasses #foureyes #specspost
  3. Maldon is nice. 
#maldon #promenadepark #eveningsun #river #shadows  (at Maldon Prom)
  4. Photo an Hour #12

    Photo an Hour #12

    Without realising it, I picked the day of my nephew’s first birthday party for July’s Photo an Hour. I actually find it a lot easier to do Photo an Hour days when I’m not busy. Firstly, if I’m out and about, I almost definitely won’t have internet access on my phone, meaning I have to upload a load of photos all at once when I get home. More importantly, I find it difficult to take photos when I…

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  5. 21 | Basic | Footprint in the sand. 
#fmsphotoaday #footprint #basic #sand #beach
  6. Mondaying

    Right now, I am mostly…

    Buying : I have been steadily adding to my vinyl collection recently, with the help of my local charity shops, and I was thrilled to find this one at the weekend. £2 is more than I usually spend on a record, but I had to have it. Mary Poppins is one of my all-time favourite films (almost definitely top three), and I just love the soundtrack.

    Celebrating : This little man…

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  7. 20 | Moment | The moment the heavens open, and you think, “I’m going to go for a walk in that.” 
#fmsphotoaday #rain #window #garden
  8. A metaphor, perhaps. 

#love #bottle #coke #dietcoke
  9. 8pm - Beans on toast and a cup of tea. A more perfect dinner I cannot imagine. 
#photoanhour #beansontoast #cupoftea
  10. 19 | Curly | Lovely blonde curls on a lovely little girl. 
#fmsphotoaday #curly #hair #blonde #niece #notjealousatall
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